20 Best Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump T-Shirts for Election Day

So you’ve decided to look for a t-shirt to wear as we get closer to the 2016 presidential election. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Hillary Clinton t-shirt or a Donald Trump t-shirt; we’ve got you covered.


20 Best Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump T-Shirts for Election DayThere are truly some fantastic ideas when it comes to t-shirts supporting (or making fun) of the two candidates: Hillary Clinton t-shirts focus on her being the right person and especially woman for the White House; Donald Trump t-shirts usually have a more blunt, in-your-face attitude or sense of humor. With so many options out there, why not let us narrow it down to the 20 best t-shirts out there, no matter who you support or want to make fun of?

‘A Woman’s Place is in the White House’ Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

A Woman's Place is in the White House T-Shirt

You can tell the world Hillary Clinton’s place is in the White House with this T-Shirt, which comes for men or women.

Hillary Clinton POTUS T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton POTUS T-Shirt

POTUS, for those who don’t know, means President of (with the female sign in this case) the United States. This shirt will be quite the catch if Clinton gets elected.

Hillary for President 2016 T-Shirt

Hillary for President T-Shirt

With the two first shirts, there was just a bit of ambiguity. With the ‘Hillary for president’ t-shirt, everyone knows who you’re voting for.

Hillary Clinton Arrow T-Shirt

Hillary Arrow Clinton T-Shirt

This shirt isn’t about the TV show ‘Arrow’. It’s about Hillary Clinton becoming president, but you’re here, so you probably knew that already.

Hillary Clinton Riding a Unicorn at the White House T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton Unicorn White House T-Shirt

It’s simply impossible to summarize this t-shirt. It simply is Hillary Clinton wielding a sword & riding a Unicorn at the White House t-shirt. 

Hillary Clinton Face T-Shirt

Hillary Face T-Shirt

Because of the red and white/yellow behind her on this t-shirt, it reminds me of Mao Zedong. This shirt is more hilarious than helpful.

Hillary Clinton ‘Who Runs the World’ T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton 'Who Runs the World' T-Shirt

A nice riff on the Beyonce song, Hillary Clinton getting elected as president will certainly prove the ‘who runs the world? girls’ t-shirt right.

Hillary Clinton ‘Bitches get Stuff Done’ T-Shirt

Bitches get stuff done t-shirt

Anytime a woman acts “too tough”, she gets called a bitch. This Hillary Clinton t-shirt says it doesn’t matter. Bitches get stuff done.

Hill Yes Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

Hill Yes T-Shirt

You can buy the Hillary Clinton #Hill Yes t-shirt on Amazon.

I’m With Her Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton I'm With Her t-shirt

Kinda reminds me of a ‘The North Face’ t-shirt, with the Hillary Clinton picture working nicely through the lettering.

Bill for First Lady T-Shirt

Bill for first lady T-shirt

One of the most interesting things to consider if Hillary Clinton gets elected for president will be the title Bill Clinton, a two-term president himself in the past, gets. First man? First lady? This shirt perhaps asks the biggest question of all in 2016.

Hillary can do it in 2016 T-Shirt

Hillary Can do it in 2016 T-Shirt

More than anything, the Hillary can do it! t-shirt reminds me of the Fallout video game series

Donald Trump on a Tank T-Shirt

Donald Trump on a Tank T-Shirt

Hillary Clinton has her epic T-shirt, Donald Trump has an epic, combative t-shirt too.

‘Build a Wall’ Donald Trump T-Shirt

Build a Wall Donald Trump t-shirt

Donald Trump’s face on a 50’s poster works too in the t-shirt frame.

‘She Wants the D’ Donald Trump T-Shirt

She wants the D Donald Trump T-shirt

Probably not the most appropriate t-shirt, but part of Trump’s charm is being inappropriate.

Donald Trump ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ T-Shirt

Donald Trump Haters Gonna Hate T-Shirt

This t-shirt is pretty accurate: A lot of people hate Donald Trump.

Hillary for Prison T-Shirt

Hillary for Prison T-Shirt

According to Donald Trump and this t-shirt, if he gets elected, Hillary Clinton will be going to jail.

Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin T-Shirt

Trumputin T-Shirt

This Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump riding a pig t-shirt isn’t exactly a supporting one, it’s hilarious and worth a mention.

Donald Trump Obama You’re Fired T-Shirt

Donald Trump Obama You're Fired T-Shirt

If Barack Obama was on Donald Trump’s old tv show, he would get the ‘you’re fired’ treatment with Trump loving it. He looks like he’s enjoying himself on the t-shirt.

LEGO Donald Trump Building a Wall T-Shirt

LEGO Donald Trump Building a Wall T-Shirt

Who knows, maybe when he was a kid, Donald Trump dreamed of building a wall from LEGO bricks on the border of Mexico. Maybe this t-shirt is a memory, not something imaginary.