Holiday Google Doodles Are a Symbol of Inclusivity and Acceptance

Holiday Google Doodles

It is that time of the year again, and Google knows it just too well to make everyone happy. As everyone loves doodles, and Google doodles are something of a legend, the company has customized its website with holiday Google doodles that will warm your heart. Initially, you will see three glowing candles on top of a holly spring. Depending on how you search, your search result page will be customized.

The holiday Google doodles differ based on how you search for content

All through the holiday season, animations will differ depending on your own holiday proclivities. If you have typed “menorah 2019” or “Hanukkah Dreidels”, you might see a doodle that displays a menorah or dreidels. Those who search for Christmas related queries will be presented by a doodle that represents Santa Claus. People who search for Kwanzaa associated content will be greeted by doodles that celebrate all things African, such as their culture and traditions.

Google has always been about inclusivity and acceptance

In fact, Google seems to be taking the inclusivity approach very seriously. In a blog post, the company expressed its view that people should be able to enjoy the holiday season no matter how they choose to celebrate it. In fact, Google is taking it so seriously that it has even included doodles related to Festivus, which was made famous in Seinfeld. This particular festival is a response to the exaggerated consumerism we see during the holidays.

Hoping for inclusivity and acceptance

Google has always looked at doodles as a platform to express its views, bring attention to important people and events, raise awareness about topics and other such things that it feels are very important. Google doodles have been a source of inspiration and conversation topic for a long time now. Considering the inclusivity approach that Google has taken this holiday season, one can only concur that it is very much needed.

Hopefully, such overt symbols of inclusiveness will help people from different communities to enjoy the holidays in ways that they don’t normally celebrate as well. As far as people are concerned, most have received the holiday Google doodles warmly.