Homemade G36 Coilgun Blasts Incandescent Light Bulbs Away

As if 3D-printed guns whose schematics are available all over the Internet weren’t enough of a problem already, some people demonstrate their creativity by creating futuristic coilguns at home.

Underneath all the futuristic details, this homemade electric gun is actually based on a G36 airsoft rifle. Its maker, known as The Liquider on YouTube, is a DIY enthusiast – in case that wasn’t already obvious. He studies engineering at the moment, and considering the great attention to details that is noticeable in this gun, I’d say that his future is definitely bright.

For the ones to whom coilguns represent abstract objects, these feature a series of electromagnets placed along a tube. As the magnets are activated progressively, the velocity of the projectile grows and grows. In other words, a coilgun is like nothing you will see on a modern battlefield. On the other hand, people playing sci-fi FPS games are quite familiar with this variety of firearms, possibly also known to them as Gauss guns.

The Liquider used LEDs to make the gun glow in the dark, just as any other sci-fi gun should. Three laser pointers are used for targeting. A 4×20 scope, a viewfinder and a night vision infrared camera are used for making sure that the target does not escape the shooter. A small LCD screen displays the voltage of the gun. While people might not pay that much attention to the voltage meter, it represents a nice addition.

Details on how this homemade G36 coilgun was made are available here, but I prompt you not to build it unless you know exactly what you are doing. This coilgun may look like a toy, but it’s potentially dangerous, as proven in the following video, where it’s used for blasting an incandescent light bulb. Do not build one to hurt humans or animals, unless they’ve been infected with the Tyrant virus or if their movement pattern resembles the one of zombies. Also, shooting sparkling vampires with such a coilgun would be a very good idea.

As heard in the video, the gun emits a high-pitched noise when pulling the trigger. Provided that the gun would be used in safe conditions, that is really its only downside. Other than that, the design and the way it works make this DIY gun a definite winner.

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