How to Choose the Best Tablet

With so many options out there, it is not unusual for people to get confused when looking for a tablet to buy. However, the following tips should make the decision easier.

Most people buy tablets with the purpose of increasing their productivity, but entertainment is also one of the major reasons. The processing power of the tablets plays a tremendous role in both of these aspects. Therefore, looking for a powerful CPU that is paired with a reasonable amount of RAM and a capable graphics chipset should be one of the main criteria used when choosing a tablet. Tegra 3 is Nvidia’s latest offer in this department, but the tablets running on this system-on-a-chip are still steeply priced.

Also hardware-related, the display may be important for some people, especially if they are watching video clips or movies on their tablets. Samsung’s Galaxy 10, for example, features a PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen that puts even iPad’s IPS display to shame. The colors are so vivid that no matter what content runs on the display, it is deemed to look wonderful.

The price is yet another important factor that may determine someone to pick a tablet over the other. The tablets based on Tegra 3 are pricey now, but once they become mainstream, the manufacturers will drop the prices considerably, fact that is estimated to happen around the end of Q2 in 2012. Amazon stirred up the price drops when it launched Kindle Fire, one of the most reasonably priced tablets out there. It does not include any cameras and it lacks some other features, so the low price is justified by things that some people would call disadvantages.

Another thing to look at when purchasing a tablet is the operating system. The major players are iOS and Android. When it comes to iOS, people do not actually have a choice when it comes to the hardware configurations. However, the Android tablets come in a great variety of hardware configurations, fact that can only please the end users. Not to mention that Android is open source and can be modified easily, unlike iOS. Most app developers create versions for both Android and iOS, so the variety of apps should not be a problem.

In conclusion, one’s needs determine the best tablet, as each and everyone of us has a different taste and ends up using the tablet for a different purpose.

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