How to Download Flappy Bird

No longer on the app store, one of the most popular apps is one of the hardest to find but with our step by step guide we teach you how to download Flappy Bird.

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Don’t let the small detail stop you. Flappy Bird may have been taken off of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game, even if you don’t have it downloaded. Dong Nguyen’s popular bird floating title isn’t gone for good, despite the developer delisting the game on account of getting too popular. However, the game has been posted elsewhere and we’ve got a step by step guide on how to download Flappy Bird.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Neither Walyou nor the writer of this article can be responsible for any files or software that you download. The guide is merely a suggestion and it is up to you to take the risk!

1. Download the Client

The method that we’re using is called ‘torrenting’, which is effectively peer to peer file transfer. In other words, someone else has the Flappy Bird file and torrenting is the way to get it!

Before you even think about finding a plucky young app hoarder to source Flappy Bird from, you’ll need a torrent client (if Flappy Bird was a house, a client is the front door you need to go through). Personally, I recommend uTorrent, a torrent client that tells you an estimated download time, download speed and lets you manage all of your torrents in one handy list!

2. Find a Torrent

If Flappy Bird is a house and uTorrent is the front door, then the torrent is the key to unlock it. Finding a torrent is the trickiest part of all this, mostly in part that due to copyright laws and the fact that torrents give us free access to paid things (torrenting can also let you download TV shows and movies), many popular torrent sites are blocked depending on which part of the world you live in.

The most torrent popular site is The Pirate Bay.

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3. Choose a Torrent

As you can see in the image above, searching for ‘Flappy Bird’ gave me a list of 11 results. Obviously, due to the nature of torrenting and downloading files from the Internet, there is the likelihood of some torrents being a scam (hence the legal disclaimer) but a telling way of weeding out the real from the fake is how many seeders (people who have the file and are uploading it) and leechers (people who don’t have the file and are downloading it) there are. The bigger the numbers of each, the more you can trust the torrent.

Some of the search results are labelled for Android/iOS compatibility so check out the categories (as well as the description and comments for any extra compatibility info you can gather) before downloading.

4. Download the Torrent

Once you’re satisfied with the Flappy Bird torrent that you’ve chosen, click “GET THIS TORRENT” above the description.

If you’ve installed uTorrent, then the torrent should load directly into the client and start downloading and once it’s completed, there will likely be a file of Flappy Bird ready to install, somewhere on your computer!

5. Install Flappy Bird

Now that the torrent is downloaded, all that’s left to do is install it on your Android or iOS device of choice.

It may be slightly more difficult to get the Flappy Bird file onto an iOS device (something that I cannot advise you with), so if you’re planning on torrenting the game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, I recommend that you keep this in mind if you’re expecting the install process to be easy.

If you’re using an Android device, however, things are relatively smooth. For the most part, the process can be as easy as connecting your Android device to your computer (via USB cable), finding the Flappy Bird file on your computer and copy and pasting it over to the appropriate folder on your device (pasting it into a folder called ‘Apps’ or ‘Games’ would likely be your best bet).

Once Flappy Bird is all installed and ready to go, all that’s left to do is play! And if you need tips on how to be a good Flappy Bird player, be on the look out for a Flappy Bird tips and tricks guide on Walyou later in the week.

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