Used Phone Prices Soar, As Long As They Include Flappy Bird

In a not so surprising turn of events, taking Flappy Bird down from the different stores has only made the app more desirable, as evidenced by used phone prices.

Flappy Bird Used Phones

Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, decided that the success of the app was too much for him to manage, and took it down from both the Apple and Google stores, but in change, this gave rise to lots of users taking advantage of the situation and making a profit with his work. Turns out, people are selling their used  iPhones for as much as $134,295, just because they come with Flappy Bird pre-installed before it went down. The Android market isn’t doing so much better, with units going between $400 to $900 USD. Other users instead are straight up selling the Flappy Bird .APK for about $5 a pop, as if people had never heard of the Pirate Bay before.

If you missed the game at its prime, you may want to check out the knock-off Flappy Doge, which you can play in your browser and is exactly what it sounds like: Flappy Bird replaced by the Doge meme.

Source: Geekosystem