If DC and Marvel Comics Were the Same Thing

We’ve had DC/Marvel mashups in the past, and the two rivals themselves have thrown out little nuggets of gold for comic books fans with certain this vs that editions. But if there was only one major comic book company in the market? How would the villains and superheroes look then?

Well, according to the awesome work of nomorepalo, they’d be pretty damn awesome, and quite confusing given what we know and recognize now.

For example, if there was only one Comic Book universe, we wouldn’t need two Superhero teams. The JLA and Avengers would unite into something the artist called the Avenging League of America. Members – Speederman, a combination of Spider-man and the Flash; Iron Bat, a combo of Iron Man and Batman; Asgardian Chick, the molding of Thor and Hawkgirl; Captainman, the unification of Superman and Captain America; and She-Woman, combining She-Hulk with Wonder Woman.

The Villains got a nice little mashup treatment as well:

The Super Enemies of America are the work of blending the villain galleries of Batman and Spider-Man. Members: The Anonymous, blending the Riddler with the Chameleon; Uberweight, which is the massive creation of a half Bane, half Kingpin creature; The Grin Goblin, which would have been better as the grinning goblin, with Norman Osborn and the Joker stuck together; 50/50, when Venom and Two-Face collide; and Dr. Octopussy, as Doctor Octopus and Catwoman come together, although the hair really resembles Poison Ivy.