Inside Darth Vader’s Cockpit

Recently, I happened to come across one of the best additions to the vast collection of Star Wars art posted on the web, although I have yet to find out who made this fantastic and imaginative drawing, showing the inside of Darth Vader’s TIE fighter.

Vader flew in a TIE fighter advanced x1 in Star Wars: A New Hope, trying to stop the rebel attack, which included his own son Luke (although I’m not sure he knew he was in that specific fighter he was chasing), and although the movie didn’t show these objects inside with him, the artist, luckily for us, took some artistic liberties with the story.

As you can see, Vader always carries around a picture of his children. Not that he’s supposed to know Leia is also his child, but there’s a nice theory by redditor xerexerex regarding this matter: That picture was taken before Luke and Leia found out they were siblings. Luke really wanted to be with her and was creating this imaginary fantasy world in his head where they were a couple and ran around fighting the Empire together. He convinced her to get that picture taken then sent Vader a nice “fuck you” card to let him know they were coming for him. Vader, knowing Luke was his son, put the picture up for sentimental reasons. This was the first step in his path to redemption. Problem solved.

Obvious video chat with the boss and the wanted poster spread all around the galaxy for that annoying Han Solo and his furry sidekick. All in all, pretty much like any working class dad would have in his car.