Expand Storage of iOS Devices with iSafe Drive Lite

In a world where mobile storage is never too large, nor safe enough, iSafe Drive Lite, the world’s first ever MFi-certified storage drive for iOS devices, means to bring a change.

Developed by Savvi Solutions and licensed by Apple Inc.’s MFi Program (Made for iPhone), the iSafe Drive Lite is an inexpensive way of carrying more data with you, while also making sure that it’s safe. To be frank, not everyone can afford getting the iOS devices with the largest storage from the very beginning, and it’s way more affordable to look into other ways of expanding the storage. iSafe Drive Lite has a storage capacity of 32GB, and employs the same type of encryption used by the US federal government, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your sensitive information.

Obviously, the iSafe Drive Lite can be used for much more than storing important documents. On-the-Go storage has become very popular nowadays, mainly because of its lower price in relation to built-in storage. People are now carrying photos, music and even movies on these drives, and have access to all these types of media at all times, while also making sure that their smartphone has plenty of internal storage for large apps.

The iSafe Drive Lite is the ideal way of transferring files between computers and iOS devices. On one end, the storage drive features a USB Type-A connector (which, between you and me, also makes it work as an OTG drive for Android smartphones, assuming that you have an adapter), and at other end it sports an Apple Lightning connector that can be used for connecting the drive to all sorts of iOS devices, not just the iPhone.

Storing data in the cloud may seem like the way to go nowadays, and while many cloud services claim to protect your data’s safety, you do require Internet access to get to it. The iSafe Drive Lite comes with AES 256-bit encryption and keeps all of your data at hand.

We’re talking about a mobile drive here, so the dimensions (0.35″H x 1.3″W x 2.6″L) and the weight (0.02oz) really shouldn’t surprise anyone. The drive itself is made out of durable and environmentaly-friendly recyclable aluminum with a brushed aluminum finish, and ABS plastic for the switch.

To get the iSafe Drive Lite MFI-certified storage drive for iOS device, head over to our store, Walyou Deals, where you can find it for $69 (24% off the original price of $91). You’ll definitely find this drive useful if the internal storage of iOS devices never seems enough for you, and if you need to make sure that your mobile storage is safe at all times. The item is shipped for free to continental US and Canada, and deliveries are expected to take place between January 5 and 8. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts, as after December 28 it will only be available for the full retail price.

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