Get the Mighty Mac App Bundle for Free on Walyou Deals

Since the best things in life are free, Walyou Deals offers you a free ride to Mac excellence with 10 apps that can boost productivity and help you and your computer perform better.

To make things clear, the Mac app bundle provided by Walyou Deals doesn’t imply any sweepstakes, so you are free to use any of these pieces of software right away, without any restrictions. On top of that, the software included in this bundle usually costs money (it actually totals at $131), so the chance of getting it for free really shouldn’t be missed.

Ondesoft’s iTunes Converter for Mac, the first piece of software included in the bundle has a retail value of $39.95, and can unlock DRM-protected files, extract audio from iTunes video files, convert between various formats, ensure that the ID tags of converted files haven’t been altered, and convert DRM media files. All of this is done using an intuitive UI, so you don’t waste time, but quite the contrary.

Digiarty Software’s WinX DVD Ripper for Mac, a piece of software that typically retails for $35.95, can create DVD backups to your hard drive, as its name suggests.

Synergy Seamless’ Synergy App removes the barriers between Macs, Ubuntu machines and Windows PCs, and can even let you work seamlessly between all three of them, using a single keyboard and mouse that are shared.

AirRadar by Koingo Software, a $9.95 software that’s included in the free Mac bundle, helps you find open Wi-Fi networks whenever you are traveling. All that data regarding open networks (such as their location and name) is stored by the app for future reference.

Window Tidy by Light Pillar can organize your desktop windows so that you can navigate seamlessly between them. There are plenty behavior and appearance aspects that can be changed, so the app definitely is a versatile one.

Since digital documents are all the rave nowadays (people only use paper only if they have no other option, really) Ten One Design’s Autograph Signature App can help you create gorgeous signatures for these documents without breaking a sweat. Give your emails a personal touch with this software, and impress your recipients beyond words.

Next on the list is ZipZapMac’s Memory Cleaner App which can definitely give your Mac a boost when it starts to feel sluggish.

SweetP Productions’ Invisible app can protect your sensitive data by hiding files, password protecting them, and basically adding a new layer of protection against online threats.

Yummy Software’s Yummy FTP Alias makes uploading files straight from the desktop a breeze, as it enables retrying and resuming, in case the transfer fails on the first try.

Privatus, another piece of software made by SweetP Productions, cleans up your browser’s cookies as soon as you’re done surfing the Web. That can protect your sensitive data, on one hand, and put a line of defense between you and online threats.

To get the mighty Mac app bundle for free, head to Walyou Deals, create an account, if you don’t already have one, log into it and share the page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. That’s all you need to do in order to get $131 worth of Mac software for free!

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