Transform into Mario with this Hoodie!

Part of me thinks that a hoodie that zips over your head to make you look like Mario is an awesome fashion statement. Quite a larger part of me is absolutely horrified by the idea.
I’ve always been more than a little weirded out by the hoodie-zipping-over-your-face trend. Let’s face it, it’s like having a personal body bag attached to your body – plus, most of the full zip designs are pretty scary. But this particular design is almost charming, even if it’s weird to see Mario’s face where your head should be.

mario hoodie 1

Judging by the quality from the close-ups, this is far from being an official product. First of all, the quality of the print looks very fuzzy, like it was stamped on with a very cheap paint rather than being printed smoothly. Additionally, Mario doesn’t look quite right; maybe it’s the non-bushy mustache, the deadened black eyes, or the scary, unsmiling mouth.

mario hoodie 2

Despite that, the hoodie still looks pretty great. After all, Mario has a knack of making anything look good, and with such a simple design as this, it’s hard to go wrong. The bottom of the hoodie is a solid colour, while Mario is printed only on the hood and upper chest. It would be fun to see two people wearing matching Super Mario hoodies, with the taller one in green and the shorter one in red. Sure, there isn’t an official Luigi one, but wearing a green hoodie comes close enough.

Personally, I prefer the way this jacket looks unzipped, even though in a way, it’s even creepier – it looks as if your own head is sprouting out of Mario’s body. It looks really cool, but you’ll have to get used to some strange stares while wearing the jacket. Then again, wearing it zipped up all the way will garner you even more stares.

mario hoodie 3

Mario hoodies are harder to come by than you’d think, especially since Mario is one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time. Sure, you have this camouflage Super Mario Bros hoodie, whose design is abstract and “glitched” and incorporates many Super Mario sprites. If you’re looking for more wickedly geeky fashion, check out this assortment of 28 costume hoodies. Beyond that, your best bet has been to silkscreen a design of your own, as there is very little official merchandise available.

Via: Random Good Stuff