14 iPhone & iPod Applications for Music Lovers

iPhones have changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves. People have genuinely forgotten the concept of “being bored” after using iphones and ipods. Needless to say iPhone and iPod applications have drastically helped in this process, without doubt.

In case you are a die-hard fan of music and if it is something that you cannot live without and need it all the time, 24X7, then the musical applications available with iphones and ipods are definitely the  right thing for you. We have brought to you some of the best iphone and ipod musical applications. Now generate your own tunes, jingles, and beats with these amazing applications.

Air Harp

Image Via: iTunes

“Air Harp” for iPhone is a fun musical application. Air Harp offers a new way to play and enjoy music, anytime – anywhere.  The application takes advantage of the iPhone touch-screen to create concert hall quality music by allowing you to run your fingers over strings that create beautiful soothing tunes.

3D Drum Kit

Image Via: iTunes

Ever played real Drums on the iPhone? Here’s the “3D Drum Kit” that would make your search for perfect drums end. This 3D Drum Kit application will amaze you with the endless choices it gives to learn some of the basic beats and rhythms. This is definitely one of the coolest musical applications for your iPhone.


Image Via: iTunes

Do you spend way too much time drumming on your desk with your fingers? If so, then you will find the “DigiDrummer Lite” application extremely special. The application is basically a mini drum machine for your iPhone that lets you tap on the screen to bash out drum rhythms.


Image Via: iTunes

Another fun musical instrument application for iPhone is “Harmonica”. It’s a application with a virtual 10-hole diatonic harmonica which gives you an ultimate feel. However, you don’t have to blow your lungs out here, but just touch your lips to play.


Image Via: iTunes

Now you can turn your iphone into a special musical instrument. If you love playing guitar then this “PocketGuitar” is for you. PocketGuitar turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual guitar. You can press and strum strings, just like a real guitar.


Image Via: iTunes

“Beatmaker” is a musical application for iphones. It is a highly capable music sequencer that uses touch pads to hold and playback audio samples which you can upload to the iPhone. If you don’t know much about samplers, sequencers and music composition in general, then this application is the right thing to start off with.


Image Via: iTunes

If you are looking for a neat and amusing way to show off your iPhone’s musical capabilities, then this “Accordéon” application is definitely for you. Its sleek look and pitch-perfect accordion tunes will make any music lover proud.


Image Via: iTunes

For those of you who are learning the sax here’s the iPhone and iPod Touch application called “Saxonotes”. Saxonotes is the best way to see, hear, and learn how to play the saxophone. Needless to say, it also has a pretty attractive interface.


Image Via: iTunes

Have you ever tried to play the dulcimer? If not, don’t miss this chance. Get this “iDulcimer” application on your iphone and learning dulcimer will be a piece of cake. For those who don’t know dulcimer is played by striking the metal strings with two hammers and is considered a prototype of piano.

Sitar Jam

Image via: iTunes

The Sitar application is one sweet instrument to play on iPhone. This app offers you more than just playing sitar, for it helps you to jam two instruments, sitar and tabla (Indian drum). You can also record your own music and voice which you can send it off to your friends.


Image Via: iTunes

If you’re simply looking fora way to let out some creativity on the go, then “MiniPiano” is just the right for you. MiniPiano is a simple piano application which allows you to play different songs or tunes on your iPhone. If you don’t have a piano but have an iphone then it’s an excellent application for you.

iBone – the Pocket Trombone

Image Via: iTunes

The iBone trombone application is mini trombone which can fit in your pocket. You just need to touch the iPhone display or blow into the microphone to make a sound, and slide your finger to change the pitch. Try a tune from the very limited iBone songbook and have the “roboBone” play it for you.

Bodhran Drum

Image Via: iTunes

The Bodhran application is a great way to show off your musical skills, or at least make a little noise. It has got many custom drum skins which will make the application look just as sharp as it sounds. The sound varies depending on where you hit, just like an actual bodhrán.

Chinese Zither

Image Via: iTunes

You must have play piano or guitar on your iPhone, but here are some different instrument for you to play on your iPhone: “Chinese Zither” which is also called “Guzheng”. With Zither on your iPhone, you can play classic and romantic music for your family and friends.

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