Marvel’s Avengers in a Medieval Setting

Everywhere you look, it’s the Avengers. Big cinematic promotional campaigns are like that most of the time. At least it’s happening for a movie exciting geeks across the board. Inspiration to create awesome fan art comes from the over-exposure to the Marvel Superhero superteam, giving us more examples of Superheroes in a Medieval setting.

Medieval Iron Man

Lord Iron actually sounds like some Game of Thrones character. There are the Iron Born, but no lord of Iron. GRRM, you’ve got two books to take care of that.

The Incredible Hulk – Medieval Version

The Hulk, despite being the finest example of primal behavior, doesn’t really fit to the whole Medieval settings in my opinion. For some reason, he just makes more sense as a social outcast in our day and age.

Thor, Perfectly Situated

If there’s one major Marvel Superhero who perfectly fits the Medieval setting, it’s Thor. The fact that he’s a Norse God and doesn’t belong with the mere mortals, no matter what age, doesn’t change the fact that the God of Thunder fits perfectly to a mounted knight character type.

Medieval Hawkeye

Crossbows are only used by cowards, according to some famous fictional knights, but it’s a good thing that Clint Barton uses a bow.