Ocarina of Time Dress Is The Dress of Legendary Good Looks

Check out this awesome looking Ocarina of Time dress from Koala Art & Design.

Ocarina of Time dress Koala Art Design image 1

Fashion when it comes video games is usually limited to just goofy t-shirts. Cool, goofy-looking shirts I may add (and wear myself!), but far away from being something you might see being walked down the middle of a high-fashion runway in Paris.

Unless, that is, it’s this The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-inspired dress from Koala Art & Design. Oh, yeah, this dress is certainly screams high-fashion – well, in my humble “tees-and-shorts everyday wear” opinion.

Ocarina of Time dress Koala Art Design image 2

Sharp red and black gradients set the foundation for a stylish, silhouetted display of all the familiar trappings of the popular Nintendo 64 adventurer from 1998, and it all comes beautifully together in a dress that will deservedly turn heads, or in this case, time.

It’s such an amazing design, especially for something that’s game-inspired, and if I were someone who prefered to wear dresses, I’d certainly ‘work it’ as they say. There’s also a t-shirt version of the dress from Koala Art & Design if that suits your tastes, too.

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