The Unicat EX63-HDM / MAN TGA Is An RV With Off-Road Utility

No one wants to set base in a garbage truck, but if it looks anything like the Unicat EX63-HDM / MAN TGA truck, maybe we all should ditch the cramped city apartment and get a custom made ride. Perfect for those who dream of living a nomadic existence, or have been bitten by the wanderlust bug, this truck has all the characteristics to be a home away from home.

As a company, Unicat believes that safety and comfort are not mutually exclusive and a vehicle should provide both of them. This particular model’s highlight is its custom-made roof, that is capable of lowering over the windows, which creates an illusion of disappearing windows.

UNICAT wants to bridge the gap between the comfort levels of an RV and the off-road utility of vehicles like SUV’s, trucks, motorcycles, dune buggies, ATVs, etc. Thus, the Unicat EX63-HDM / MAN TGA will take you off-road without breaking your back. Looking at the pictures, we can’t help but be impressed by the interiors. The RV has a kitchen, an office, space, a living room with a day bed and a small bedroom space. The sofas are a fine touch and looks as though one can have a full blown party on the road. According to the Unicat website, the U-shaped seating unit comes with an adjustable foldable table on pedestal in the rear and it also converts to an additional double bed. The workaholics can utilize the desk, which is large enough to accommodate a PC, a monitor, and even a printer. No work place is complete without an ergonomic chair, and the vehicle doesn’t disappoint on this front as well.

The kitchen includes a VARICOR countertop with an integrated sink, and there is a separate shower and a toilet room with doors (thank God). On the storage front, the EX63-HDM / MAN TGA includes two wardrobes, along with aluminum exterior storage boxes.

Listed below are some other specs of the vehicle:

  • Chassis
  • MAN TGA 6×6
  • Extended cab with 2 seats + 2 jump seats / bed
  • Wheel base 4500 + 1400 mm (14´9´´ + 4´7´´)
  • Engine performance 353 kW/480 hp Euro 3
  • ZF 12-speed tip matic transmission
  • All wheel drive with center differential lock
  • Differential locks for front and rear axles
  • Parabolic leaf suspension
  • Tires 14.00 R 20 Michelin XZL, tubeless
  • Tire pressure regulating system
  • 2 chamber fuel tanks, capacity 800 liters (211 U.S. gallons)
  • Fuel prefilter with water separator
  • Car alarm system
  • 2 air suspended seats and 2 jump seats, convertible to bed
  • Satellite navigation system (GPS)
  • Back eye camera
  • Integrated airconditioner
  • Roof rack with branch guard
  • Crane for loading of spare wheel
  • Searchlights left and right
  • Truck horns
  • Xenon high beam lights