19 Pac-Man Fashion Items

Pac-Man, no matter how cute and adorable he is, has never been known as a fashion icon. However, his round fat body and his never-ending appetite somehow made it into the fashion world with Pac-Man hats, Pac-Man helmets, Pac-Man shoes, and even Pac-Man dress. As you can guess, most of them are so strange that probably geeks with their blind love are the only ones who dare to wear them, and wear with pride. But some of them are quite cute.

Pac-Man Hat Crochet


The Pac-Man hat crochet was specially designed for nostalgic gamers with Pac-Man and giant dots in Pac-Man’s typical yellow color on a black background. The crochet is available at Etsy for $18 each.

Pac-Man Cap


A cap store in Japan, the homeland of Pac-Man, has introduced a stylish cap design for die hard Pac-Man fans. The funky design looks quite cool and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd of unfashionable geeks.

Pac-Man Hat


This is exactly what we mean when we say that geeks have weird taste. The Pac-Man hat is such a bizarre creation that we highly recommend you not to put it on unless you are going to a crazy costume contest. You can almost wear it like a helmet, and you face will show up through Pac-Man’s wide open mouth.

DIY Pac-Man Motorcycle Helmet


The Pac-Man helmet will not only protect your geeky head but also gain you a second glance wherever you ride. A DIY project, the helmet presents Pac-Man in his full awesomeness and cheerfulness.

Pac-Man Scarf


The Pac-Man scarf is a geeky design that depicts a gaming love story: Mr. Pac-Man is sitting at one end of the scarf and Ms. Pac-Man at the other, both are moving toward the pink heart in the center while eating dots and fighting with a troop of ghosts on the way.

Pac-Man Hair Clips



These are, no doubts, ones of the cutest hair clips you have ever seen! The Pac-Man hair clip set comes in five designs, each represents a character in the classic video game: Pac-Man, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde in their original colors.

Pac-Man Belt


There seems to be no end to belt designs, but you cannot call yourself a true gamer until you have Pac-Man holding your pants up. The Pac-Man belt brings all familiar Pac-Man’s characters into one cute, geeky and retro design.

Pac-Man Converse Shoes


Converse shoes are so popular that you can hardly go anywhere without pumping into another Converse wearer. It’s time to pimp up your Converse shoes to stand out, like what TheKoopaBros‘s sister did. With skillful craftsmanship, she converted her Converse shoes into awesome Pac-man shoes.

Pac-Man PRO-Keds Shoes


Another Pac-Man themed pair of shoes, Matthew Bowman’s piece of art is suitable for both guys and girls. The ghost maze looks absolutely amazing, and the colors go with each other so well.

Ms. Pac-Man Shoes


Crafted by Emandsprout, Ms. Pac-Man shoes must be dream shoes of every Pac-Man girl fan. One the black background is yellow Ms. Pac-Man on one shoe and Pinky ghost on another.

Pac-Man Video Game Watch


Pac-Man and Space Invaders are two of the most popular video games of our time, and Greg Narvas has cultivated their popularity to launch a killer fashion product: video game watches. Pac-Man and Space Invaders are colorfully designed and can go well with many styles of clothes.

Pac-Man iPhone and iPod Pouch


The cozy Pac-Man iPhone and iPod pouch will add a retro touch to your sleek Apple. The handmade pouch cannot only keep your gadget safe and handy, but can also clean the gadget since its material lets it absorb dust and wipe the screen without smudging.

Pac-Man Pretty Pixel Swarovski Design


Team Tentakulu’s game inspired Pretty Pixel Swarovski designs are luxurious jewelry that will take Pac-Man and other classic games to a whole new level in the fashion world.

Ms. Pac-Man Head Tattoo


We all love Pac-Man, but hardly anybody can love the game enough to imprint it on his/her head as a tattoo like what BodyMod did. The Ms. Pac-Man head tattoo looks really neat with Ms. Pac-Man happily eating dots and Clyde the blue ghost running behind.

History of Pac-Man T-Shirt



The T-Shirt designed by Reece Ward sums up the whole decade of 1980’s in two words: Pac-Man and pizza. The chart portion that represents Pac-Man somehow resembles hungry Pac-Man in his typical yellow color.

Pac-Man Boxer Shorts


The Pac-Man boxer shorts are so cool that next to it, all social etiquette suddenly means nothing and you will be more than proud to go out wearing this boxer alone.

Pac-Man Hooded Sweatshirt


Adorned with all Pac-Man’s characters and elements including Pac-Man, the ghosts, colored dots and power pellets, Pac-Man hooded sweatshirt is both geeky and trendy. This hoodie is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, and available for $39.99 each.

Pac Girl Dress


Cute, bizarre, OMG or WTF, the answer lies in the eyes of the beholders. (We are talking about the dress, not the Pacman girl.)

Playable Pac-Man Costume


The Pac-Man costume is not exactly a costume, but rather a game arcade with straps so that you put it on as a costume. You can play with it just like any other game arcade.