This Spaghetti Measuring Tool Makes You Eat Like a Horse

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a geek or a nerd or a hipster. We all get hungry, and when it comes to cooking, many of us may find it difficult to cook just the right quantity.

I Could Eat a Horse‘ is a spaghetti measuring tool which helps you to cook just enough pasta for yourself or your family members. For instance, the tool comes with slots in which you can place just the right amount of fresh spaghetti sticks in order to cook just the right amount. If there are 3 of you in the house, you could complete the ‘horse pattern’ in order to cook the right amount for 3 people. If there are more people than that, all that you would need to do is measure enough spaghetti for the number of people present individually, with the help of the tool.

The best feature about the tool is its simplicity and its minimalist design. Most chefs would agree that a kitchen that looks good helps those who cook to take extra interest in what they cook. That eventually affects how the recipe tastes. The slots also measure the right amount for kids and adults. Each board comes with 2 slots for adults, one for a kid and one for the entire family, which is shaped like a horse. If you are ravenous, you could eat an entire family serving, just like a horse would do. It could also be a great way to save food that is precious and scarce in many impoverished places on earth.

You might be wondering why a product like this is featured on a geeky website. Well, geeks get hungry too and in between those intense gaming sessions, there is nothing better than a serving or two of spaghetti cooked in tomato sauce, garlic, bacon and loads of cheese. You could also take a look at the All Edges Lasagne Pan, which is a cool way to make your lasagne look great. The Autonomous Saucier will help you to make drool-worthy sauces for your pasta. ‘I Could Eat a Horse’ spaghetti measuring tools cost $16.79.