Words With Light: Light Pausations

Art is a wonderful and beautiful thing, and it is even better when art and and a little bit of technology can come together to be one. A creation by Ian Burns has done just that, taking simple light bulbs and creating a wonderful light show.

While it may not be a grand like show, such as the ones one might encounter when visiting the infamous Las Vegas, Nevada, Burns has taken many simple objects, coupled with a precise timing system, to show words upon a wall.

If it hadn’t become apparent enough, he was undoubtedly trying to “still time” by capturing a magnificent showing of light and how one can bend it to create things such as this. I cannot even begin to fathom how much time this must have taken in order to achieve these effects, but one certainly has to admire the time and effort put into this.

Looking at the more close up pictures, one can truly begin to appreciate the detail and complexity, seeing how all of the bulbs and magnifying glasses are all carefully placed. While it does not look like much, I for one know that I would not be able to do it.

The video is quite entertaining, and although it only shows a mere three words a few times over, it’s interesting to think of what else could potentially be done with this same technique, perhaps on a much larger scale. If you visit the authors Viemo channel you can also view other creations of the same sort that the author has created, all of them increasingly impressive.

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Via: Ian Burns