A Plants Monitor For Techy Gardeners

Having the perfect garden is a matter of being in control and knowing everything. And that is where technology comes in to your aid.

Plant Monitor 1

Have you ever wished you could straight up ask your plants how they’re doing and get an actual reply? Well, that’s still not possible, but this is as close as it gets. These are actual sensors that monitor a plants health just like medical gear does for humans. The product is called Fliwer, and will measure most everything you might want to know about your plants: soil moisture, light, temperature, air humidity, fertilizer, etc. Fliwer lets you know from when you should water the plants to when to fertilize, harvest, or expect them to flower.

Plant Monitor 2

The device has even been made social so users can share data about their plants with their entire online community, and easily share information. You can learn more about Filwer at their Kickstarter page.

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