Sony HMZ-T3W Wearable Display Available for Pre-Order

Sony’s HMZ-T3W, a wearable, head mounted display that brings screens even closer to our faces has now been priced and is ready for pre-order in the US.

Sony HMZ-T3W image

Oftentimes, when it comes to technology, ‘bigger’ is usually a synonym for ‘better’. We want more processors in our phone, more megapixels in our cameras and more gigabytes in our hard drives. While it’s not always the case that ‘more of things’ improves the general experience, but in the instance of Moore’s law, (the idea that tech doubles in capability every two years) companies responsible for designing gadgets are able to do it. That’s especially apparent in the case of TVs where more inches and and higher quality visuals mean that our tellyboxes are capable of portraying the best looking content into our homes. However, Sony’s new, wearable headset is set to challenge that, bringing television goodness right up next to our retinas.

The Sony HMZ-T3W is made up of dual OLED monitors, to bring big screen visuals to your eyeballs albeit in a technically small screen way. Wireless tech is in play here as the device allows you to stream content to the wearable display, provided that the source is no more than 7 meters away. However, the biggest benefit is that the HMZ-TM3 simulates the viewing experience of watching a 750 inch screen from 65 feet away, which effectively translates as a giant great load of television technology.

Of course the HMZ-T3W is not without its downsides as Sony have priced the machine at a hefty $999, so the ability to huge-ify your viewable content is a pricey one. Also included in that $999 though, is the ability to plug in your smartphones or tablet via MHL or micro-HDMI connection, meaning that the chance to see mobile content on far bigger screens could be a deciding factor to those are fed up of miniscule mobile viewing. This will be available next month but currently, the Sony HMZ-TM3 is available for pre-order in the United States.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Sony

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