Take Your Spirits Soaring High: Portal Test Candidate Hoodie

Want to get out of a boring situation? Slip in to your hoodie and get an opportunity to escape. But beware, not all hoodies can help you do so. You have to have that special Portal Test Candidate Hoodie that will help you in boring situations.

You might have come across many hoodies until today but nothing like the one that you will find here. This grey colored apparel is a straight take off from the Portal video game. If you are familiar with the game you will be aware of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Also known as ASHPD, this device helps teleport characters and objects in the game to solve a series of puzzles. The ASHPD is used to create inter-spatial portals between flat planes.

The Portal game was cited as one of the most original games in 2007. It would be great to own a hoodie designed on its lines. The grey color of the apparel is similar to the color of the ASHPD. On the front it sports a blue colored character from the game. The character almost seems to be coming out of the zipper. It might be said, ‘what is so special to set one hoodie apart from another?’ But the fact remains that even a small bit of design makes a difference. Moreover, when the designing is woven around something as popular and appealing as the Portal its value does take a leap ahead.

Minor tweaks and additions add that special touch as well. This zipper hoodie has a silver colored 2D Companion Cube as a puller. A huge difference from the plain pullers we normally come across. There are two front pockets and the cuffs and bottom are ribbed. The material is 100 per cent cotton and like any other cotton apparel runs the risk of shrinking. To avoid shrinking always wash it in cold water and tumble dry low. If you wash in warm water or dry it on hot you can be assured of ending up with a size smaller. It is always recommended to turn the hoodie inside out before washing. This keeps the looks of the material in good shape.

The Portal Test Candidate Hoodie can definitely not take you from one portal to another. There is still some time to make that possible in the real world. What it can do is give you that feel good factor that comes from adorning something stylish or desirable. And when you feel good it reflects on your face and in your mood. So go ahead and grab the opportunity to take yourself from one level to another and see your spirits rise. Currently it is available for $59.99.

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