Ravishing DIY Princess Leia Robe

Though it would be weird to call Princess Leia a style icon, she sure was quite a looker, especially in the hairstyle department.

Her hairstyle inspired several young ladies to experiment with their own looks. If you are not that adventurous and would like to try something less extreme, you could go ahead and pretend that you have Princess Leia’s very own robe. In fact, here is how you can build the DIY Princess Leia Robe yourself.

All that you would need are a white robe and a brown hoodie. You would need to remove the sleeves and hood from the hoodie and coil the sleeves into bun shapes. Once that is done, you will then have to sew those buns onto the hood to give the appearance of Princess Leia’s hairstyle. Of course, you would also need to sew the hood onto the robe as well. What you would do next depends upon you. You might want to wear this at a costume party or just chill at home convincing yourself that you are Princess Leia yourself!

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