New Handbag Carries AND Charges your Smartphone

A new designer handbag created in partnership with a telecommunications company will prevent women from ever being able to use the age old excuse that they could not be reached because their cell phone was dead.

If there are women out there who are anything like me, they forget on a regular basis to recharge their phones and forget to check the battery power. All of a sudden, the phone dies, we do not know it is dead, and we are left with lots of messages from friends, spouses, family members, and what have you all saying the same thing – what good is a cell phone if you do not remember to charge it?! (Or at least this is what I am told on a regular basis.) Well a new partnership has now created the ultimate handbag that includes a charger built in for smartphone devices.

Designer Richard Nicoll recently partnered with Vodafone, a telecommunications company in the United Kingdom, to create a new handbag that was first introduced at Fashion Week in London. Vodafone is already known for installing charging stations in branded taxis throughout the United Kingdom and decided this would be a logical next step in dispersing their technology. This phone charging handbag has the ability to charge iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The handbag holds enough charge to provide power to the phone without any sort of to-do. Through induction, the handbag will charge itself with a small retractable cord in one of the pockets of the bag. Women do not have to worry about an extension cord taking up space in their bag! On the side of the bag is an LED Bluetooth – enabled charm that will inform the carrier of any phone notifications, incoming calls, as well as the battery life available.

There is no price yet attached to this handbag but tech-minded women everywhere will be lining up around the corner to ask if the bag comes in black or red.

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