CAT-AT: The AT-AT Cat House

It seem the only thing the Internet loves more than Star Wars is cats, myself included. One guy has decided to combine the best of both world, building an AT-AT for an awesomely geeky kitty.

Redditor BillyAppletini built a “car condo” for a friend. It took him about a month to do it, since he admits he’s not an expert woodworker, but even if you’re not a cat lover (don’t tell anyone on the Internet!), the results are still very impressive. “The trickiest part was keeping any of my friends from coming inside my place for that whole time – I knew they wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret!” he said.

AT-AT cat condo

Cat inside AT-AT cat condo

The interior is furnished, complete with artwork, bird trophies, and little liquor bottles on the wall. It actually makes sense, since both cats and AT-ATs both have four legs. It’s a good thing that they weren’t piloted by cats in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Luke could have defeated them just by shining a red leaser beam down on the ground. It’s not that surprising that cats would side with The Empire.

This project comes to us from the blog.

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