R2-D2 Sweater Keeps Hoth Citizens Warm and Cozy

If you’ve ever spent a cold night sleeping with the Wampas, you know that Hoth is no place to be without a sweater and some of those convenient heat packs to keep your fingers attached to your hand.  What better design for this very sweater than one depicting R2-D2?  The R2-D2 sweater comes from the gifted hands of EricaKnit, an Etsy user, and is made from wool.  For an extremely affordable $450 (note my implied sarcasm) this Star Wars sweater can be yours to wear and rub in your friends’ faces.

R2-D2 Sweater


r2-d2 sweater
The R2-D2 sweater is a great gift for any geek, including yourself.  Hey – there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a gift from you, because yourself does a lot for you.  “Ha – did anyone order a word salad?”  No, but I did want one of those bacon candles.

This awesome piece of knitted Star Wars apparel looks a bit small on this man shown in the picture, but I wouldn’t worry, since they come custom made.  That, and you probably won’t get one for a long time, since the poor woman is already backed up with orders more than a semi truck in reverse.  She does have a waiting list, though, so don’t get too discouraged.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a blog about geek culture and technology.