#ResetTheInternet: activists fighting for a free Internet

A group of Internet activists around the world have kicked off a campaign against government surveillance and urging both users and websites to use encryption. The group claims the inspiration for this was Snowden’s findings, and they are calling the campaign by the hashtag #ResetTheNet.

Reset the internet

After learning pretty much all Internet users around the world are potential victims of the US’ very own National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance, June 5th marks the beginning of a campaign for data encryption. All kinds of high-profile websites around the web such as Reddit, Imgur, Mozilla, Greenpeace and Amnesty International have uploaded texts and promotional material with splash screens, as well as code you can add to any web to support them.

The Fight for the Future team, the people who started the campaign, are not just trying to raise awareness, but instead are straight up giving very detailed lists of concrete actions you can take to protect yourself on both mobile devices and desktop platforms. They clarify, though, that a 100 percent immunity is just not possible, but with enough support they can make mass state surveillance economically not viable.

Source: RT

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