The Rubik’s Cube is a Puzzling Fashion Statement

If you’re desperate to find a way to express your love for the Rubik’s Cube while out and about in public, this Rubik’s Cube handbag definitely fits the bill.

Rubik's Handbag 1

The Rubik’s Cube handbag is ideal for any fashionable girls who would like to add a touch of geekiness to their everyday lives, especially if they work in an environment where they have to dress conservatively. As a proud owner of this handbag, I can attest to the fact that it’s a great conversation-starter for shy women. Strangers will simply come up to you and ask about your purse, and whether you’ve solved it.

While it may appeal mostly to the ladies, the Rubik’s Cube purse does boast a fairly un-feminine design, which means you could easily use it as a decorative desktop storage container. Even used as a handbag for men, it’s not terribly girly – the colours are gender-neutral, and even the handles are made out of wide, indelicate chains.

Rubik's Handbag 2

The cube shape looks like it would be awkward to carry around and too small to fit much in – but in reality, you can fit quite a lot in it simply because it’s a cube shape. Most portable electronic gadgets (like DSes and MP3 players) are conveniently squarish, which means that they don’t waste space in filling the purse up. Of course, the walls are inflexible, so if you have very bulky items, they simply won’t fit in the purse.

Rubik's Handbag 3

While the purse uses all the Rubik’s Cube colours as would be expected, it mixes them up, which is something you rarely see in Rubik’s Cube products, like this awesome Rubik’s Cube mug. I find the scrambled look of the cube to be a lot more appealing than the flat one-colour faces normally seen, possibly because my childhood was filled with tons of unsolved Rubik’s Cubes and very few solved ones.

The price of the purse is surprisingly low, $5.41, which might point to less-than-stellar workmanship or cheap materials. However, at such an affordable cost, it makes a perfect novelty gift for every nerd in your life.

If you’re looking for more traditional Rubik’s Cubes – or if you’re a male and thoroughly unconvinced by the idea of a man-purse, check out this epic collection of 38 unique cube designs.