Android Robot: Speaker in a Toy

Speakers give voice to your audio files. You can have loads of music files to play and enjoy whenever you wish to. Normally speakers come in definite geometric shapes and in one plain color. When you look at them, you know you are looking at something that hardly adds on to the décor of your room. How would it be if you had a speaker that looked like a toy, gave you a few options to play around with it and also played back your music files? Truly amazing!

Amazing is the word you can use for this Android Robot Speaker, which looks like a robot and helps you enjoy your music collection anytime, anywhere. These cute looking robots come in various colors and have an in-built 4-watt speaker. The neck has a glowing light which can change colors by rotating the head. With every turn of the head you get to see a different color. Colors also change when the music is paused. You can pause a music track by pressing the head of the robot. To resume, press it again. When it resumes the original color comes back. This color is, probably, an indication of the status of the device. On being lighted it is switched on and off when there is no color.

All music can be stored in a microSD card which is housed in the slot at the back of the robot. On the reverse side you will notice two slots and one button. The right slot is for the microSD card and in the middle is the on/off button. Switch it on to play the music and switch it off to stop it. On the left side is another small slot for charging the robot. On a full charge the robot can easily give you musical pleasure for at least four hours.

As said earlier, this speaker is also a toy and the rotating head proves it to some extent. The arms are also movable. You can easily turn the arm up and down and enjoy some leisurely time with your toy robot which is in fact a speaker.

Since this speaker comes in a fun shape it can make for an excellent gift for your loved ones. Everyone is going to enjoy this little piece of wonder with its light and sound features. Definitely, it is an excellent product to include in your collectible.

This is certainly a must have design for all android fans. But if you can get a tinge of innovation through concepts such as Umbrella Speaker, Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker and Bow Wow Speakers I am sure listening to music can become more exciting!

Via: Winarco