Scent of the Day: Eau d’Avenger

JADS International, a perfume company known for releasing geeky fragrances, recently launched a set of 4 colognes inspired by 4 superheroes, all of them from The Avengers team.

JADS International, the company famed for its Star Trek and Star Wars fragrances, came up with a new series of colognes that should be the olfactory equivalent of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk. However, the company decided to only give a hint at the superheros behind the concept, instead of naming them Iron Man and such, which would have been really dull. All of them also sport some sort of tag on the bottle. Speaking of which, the design of the bottle, along with the oversized cap remind me of a cheaper version of Gucci Envy.

Mark VII (“Armor up.”), the fragrance of Iron Man, from what JADS wants us to believe, features such olfactory notes as mandarin, neroli, nasturtium, jasmine and patchouli. It is aromatic, transparent and made for the geeky billionaire who presumably got tired of sniffing niche perfumes.

Patriot (“Your attack plan.”) is the scent of the genetically modified organism (sounds a bit like modern junk food, doesn’t it?) known as Captain America. From the description, this one seems to be a bit more spicier and rather boozy. Its notes include green lime, white pepper, dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila. Its versatility is incontestable, this cologne being good for anytime and anyplace.

Smash! (“Be angry.”), or the Hulk’s cologne, as it might be known in the future, is woody aquatic, fact that probably makes it best for spring. Yuzu, bergamot and tarragon comprise the volatile top notes, while the middle contains water lily and nutmeg. As it dries down, it will leave a scent of Indian sandalwood, vetiver, musk and sharp cedar. Smash! is described as an equally good fragrance for office or casual settings.

Last, but not least is Worthy (“Possess the power.”), Thor’s cologne, which opens up with bergamot, frozen ginger and wheatgrass. The mid notes are grapefruit and cypress, while the base notes are dark amber, cedar wood and musk. Out of the four, Worthy is said to be the most sensual, fact that makes it rather inappropriate as a work scent.

There is no mention of the longevity of these colognes, and spending the RRP of $59.99, just to find out that it lacks in this or other departments is not really exciting. It should also be mentioned that the above retail price is for a 40 ml bottle, so the juice seems to be rather expensive. Online retailers are expected to offer this cheaper, but don’t expect to pay less than $39 for it. All in all, the bottles seem rather tempting, but not enough to blind buy them.

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