15 Coolest Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts From The Big Bang Theory

One of the things The Big Bang Theory is famous for are the t-shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper: A combination of geek culture references, like the melting Rubik’s Cube or the number 73, but mostly it’s an assortment of awesome DC Comics logos.

15 Coolest Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts From The Big Bang TheoryYou can find a lot of them all over the Internet, but they’re usually cheaper on Amazon. Here are the ones we recommend:

Sheldon Cooper Melting Rubik’s Cube T-Shirt

Melting Rubik's Cube T-Shirt

Not DC Comics or anything like that, but it’s probably the most awesome t-shirt I’ve seen anyone wear on TV. You can get it in all sizes up to XXX-large.

Sheldon Cooper Purple Test Pattern Shirt

Sheldon Cooper Purple Test Pattern T-Shirt

Test patterns t-shirts come in all sizes and colors, but it’s better in purple. Something about the color combination simply makes it work.

The Big Bang Theory The Wesley Crushers T-Shirt

The Wesley Crushers T-Shirt

Wesley Crusher is the character portrayed by Wil Wheaton on Star Trek: The Next Generation, who is Sheldon’s nemesis for a while on the show. It’s awesome for bowling, but you can name your team ‘The Wesley Crushers’ in other sports as well.

Sheldon Cooper 73 T-Shirt

Sheldon Cooper 73 t-shirt

For those who don’t know what 73 means? It’s a reference to one of the episodes, in which Sheldon explains why 73 is the best number. Not sure if it’s the best, but it makes for a cool shirt.

Sheldon Cooper Batman Washed Logo T-Shirt

Batman Washed Logo T-Shirt

Batman shirt we all know and love, just with a little bit of fade on it. It’s in adult unisex sizing, and goes up to xxx-large.

Sheldon Cooper Batman Green Bat Question Mark T-Shirt

Green bat question mark t-shirt

The Batman and the Riddler all in one shirt. You can’t go wrong with that. Available on Amazon

Sheldon Cooper The Flash Distressed Logo T-Shirt

Flash Distressed Logo T-Shirt

Personally, this is my favorite DC Comics shirt, even if The Flash isn’t my favorite superhero. It comes in a number of sizes, from small to XX-Large, and there’s men’s and women’s version

Sheldon Cooper Green Arrow Shield T-Shirt

Green Arrow Shield T-Shirt

When Sheldon feels like a rebel anti-hero, he puts on a Green Arrow shirt, like all of us. There are 21 different shirts from this production line in varying colors.

Sheldon Cooper Superman War Torn Shield T-Shirt

Superman War Torn Shield T-Shirt

With Superman looking all clean, shaven and spotless most of the time, it’s nice to see his logo after taking a few hits or blasts. Gives him a rougher look. There’s a slim-fit version, and a regular one.

Sheldon Cooper Hawkman Symbol T-Shirt

Hawkman Symbol T-Shirt

Hawkman is one of those superheroes that’s visually cool, maybe better than the more famous characters, yet he remains a little bit obscure, with no one talking about making a movie about him. It comes in all sizes, even up to XXXXX-large.

Sheldon Cooper Green Lantern Corps & Others T-Shirts

Star Sapphire T-Shirt

Sinestro Corps T-Shirt

Red Lantern T-Shirt

Green Lantern striped sleeves shirt

There’s the Star Sapphire t-shirt, Sinestro Corps t-shirt, Red Lanterns t-shirt and the Green Lantern w/striped sleeves t-shirt.

Sheldon Cooper Aquaman Orange T-Shirt

Aquaman Orange T-Shirt

Raj comments a number of times on how much he thinks Aquaman sucks, although he did rock that costume. In any case, the orange t-shirt is awesome.

For more awesome shirts appealing to your geekier side, check out these from Star Wars Rebels, or the even better Stranger Things t-shirt collection.