Best Baking Gadgets To Make & Decorate Cakes & Cupcakes

To me, gadgets are not just devices or games. I consider something a gadget when it’s original, makes my life easier and of course, cool. When it comes to food and especially baking, you can find lots of products designed to do just that: Making baking super fun and fast!

I simply love to find useful baking gadgets that can make my cake and cupcakes more yummy, beautiful and easy to make. Decorating and making cakes & cupcakes is not always an easy task. Sometimes all you need is a little gizmo that will help you achieve great results and save you some trouble. Here are the best baking gadgets every baker should have and want!

Russian Flowers Piping Tips

2016 best gadgets to decorate cake and cupcakes russian flower piping tips crownbake

Never heard about Russian piping tips before? You are in for a great treat! Russian tips are perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes. What makes them a “gadget” is the fact in just one single stroke you can squeeze out a gorgeous buttercream flower onto your cake or cupcake making your result a lot more professional looking. They come in lots of shapes and sizes, and they are bigger than the ordinary tips you usually know so each flower will come out detailed and precise. If you’re looking to make 3D flower buttercream icing, or just looking for a WOW factor this Russian flower piping tip set is the best to do just that. You’d be surprised how easy it is once you get the hang of it.

Cupcake Batter Dispenser

best gadget for baking Cupcake Batter DispenserThis is the best way to pour your batter into the baking cups. Sure, you can always use a spoon but If you never used one of these before, once you do you will never understand how you ever made cupcakes without it. No mess, easy to use. This dispenser is also great for making pancakes, and even cookies if your batter is soft. This is a fantastic baking gadget to have since it does help you to save time and a lot of trouble.

Wilton Dessert Decorator

best gadget for baking Cupcake Wilton Dessert cake Decorator

If you are new to baking this is probably the kit for you. This is pretty much a starter’s kit for decorating cake and cupcakes. You get simple and easy to use tips on decorating your sweets. This Wilton kit is more suitable for those who are new to decorating cupcakes and cake. If you are more experienced, you should consider trying the Russian tips since I think that they are more enjoyable to use and explore if you are not a new baker.

3-Color Coupler

best gadget for baking decorating Cupcake Wilton 3-Color CouplerIf you ever wondered how to make a multi-color frosting… well this is the secret! All you need is this little 3-Color Coupler and some food coloring. This is actually a very useful aid since it helps you to get amazing results quite easily using this coupler. Using this coupler you can seamlessly blend 2-3 color icings as you pipe to get extra colorful cake and cupcakes. 

Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

best gadget for baking Cupcake and cake Checkerboard Cake Pan SetIf you ever wondered how to make a checkerboard cake, this is the answer: You need a special pan. Why do we consider this as a baking gadget? Well, you can make a checkerboard cake using regulars pans, BUT it will take you a lot of time and you’ll need to do lots of cutting and assembling which pretty much takes all the fun out, so that’s why using this pan can get you amazing results very easily and fast. This is a very useful shortcut if you are planning to bake a Checkerboard cake. Also by ?sing this pan you can make a two flavors cake in one visually fun treat, using its special batter dividing ring.

Cuplettes Cupcake Pans

best gadget for baking Cupcake and cake Cuplettes Cupcake PansThis patent pending design pan allows you to create a cupcake with a fillable hole so you can create delicious cupcakes with awesome fillings easily.

Smart Small Cake Leveler

Best Baking Gadgets Decorate Cakes Cupcakes Smart Small Cake LevelerPlanning to make a 3 or even more layers of cake? Not a problem: Instead of baking lots of cakes all you need is this Smart Cake Leveler, to divide one big and tall cake to as many layers as you need. This will save you time and the energy of making 3 or 4 or even more cakes. Simple and useful. 

Mom Cake Pen

Best Baking Gadgets Decorate Cakes Cupcakes Mom Cake Pen

Cake pen decorators are very popular, especially if you are new to baking. This pen gadget is battery operated and gives you perfect control as you decorate and add captions onto your cupcakes and cakes. The pen is suitable to squeeze different types of creams & frostings for cake decorating.

Best Baking Gadgets Decorate Cakes Cupcakes Decorating Comb and Icing SmootherThis is a simple tool, and using it takes your cake to a whole different level. A cake looks professional when it is leveled, straight and smooth, as much as possible. Using a decorating comb & icing smoother, you can get a professional look and finish to your cake. This is definitely one of those simple yet genius baking gadgets you should have. 

Macaron Kit

best baking gadgets Macaron Kit 2016

This Macaron kit will help you get better results if you are planning to make Macarons. Macarons are a very popular and sophisticated cookie, but lots of amateur bakers fear the macaron making process. There’s not doubt that having a useful tool up your sleeve can give you the extra help to create perfect Macarons. Using the squeezer you can pour the macaroon cake-mix easily onto the Macaron mat which also help your Macarons come out even in size.

Brownie Pan

Best Baking Gadgets Decorate Cakes Cupcakes Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

This is another wonderful shortcut bakers must-have. Who doesn’t love to eat brownies? Using this special Brownie pan, making those square treats is easy and mess free. The Slice Solutions Brownie Pan is simple to use; all you need to do is to pour your batter into the pan, insert the divider, bake, and serve.

Decomat Decorating Kit

best gadgets to decorate cakes and cupcakes Decomat Decorating KitThis is a great decorating kit for a beginner, and it comes with a stencil which you can just follow making some awesome detailed chocolate decorations to place over your cakes and cupcakes.

Using one of these gadgets can give you a great starting point to become better in baking and decorating cake and cupcakes. Some of these products are truly aimed to make beginners more comfortable baking and giving some really cool tools to make easy decoration that will look 100% professional. It’s all about knowing which product will fit you best. Either way, practice is always recommended.

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