16 Awesome Geeky Sleeve Tattoos

Getting a tattoo isn’t enough these days. It has to be of something you, we love to watch on TV, the cinema screen, the comic book pages, the computer screen. But small doesn’t work anymore in this culture. If you want to show the world you love Mario, you need to do it on your entire arm.

Random Geekiness

Facebook Friends Hoax

Turned out to be a publicity stunt, but it was the hottest thing on the web for a while not too long ago.

For the Pokemon Lovers

Legend of Zelda

Mario Forever on Your Sleeve

Sonic Sleeve Tattoo

Star Wars on Your Skin

Calvin & Hobbes

Some people want you to stare a bit longer, to actually get you reading off of them.

Transformers Tattoo

The Dark Knight & Friends

Spiderman Sleeve Tattoo

Superman Sleeve Tattoo