Sponsored Post Policy

Walyou is almost 8 years old, and throughout the years we tried to establish ourselves as a leading site when it comes to new tech, new gadgets and of course geeky culture. Here on Walyou we try to give our readers the¬†best and most interesting content we can create and write about. We work very hard on our posts, making sure that it’s original, news worthy, and shareable.

That being said, at¬†the end of the month we have bills to pay ūüôā Sponsored content is our way to stay alive and keep bringing our readers our best. Even when it comes to sponsored content we make sure to pick the best and most interesting¬†products that are out there. We make sure to update our readers when they are coming across a sponsored post since¬†we try to be as honest as possible.

Walyou’s community is made up mostly of gadget geeks and tech fans. We have a flexible and of course affordable pricing for our sponsored content, with most of our traffic from the US .

Although we are flexible keep in mind that:

    • We only write about topics which are relevant¬†to our community; mostly¬†technology, gadgets ¬†related content.
    • Our writers create only original and high-quality content.
    • We also offer gadgets hands on review and giveaways. Just contact us about that at Contact(at)walyou.com.
    • We reserve the right to reject any request for sponsored content¬†article at any time for any reason.

If we do work together as an advertiser¬†you’ll get:

  • High level, quality content written by our best writers, with at least¬†500 words per post.
  • We work fast; Once we set all of the details we can go live¬†asap (Less than 48 hours).
  • Cross Platform Promotion – Our sponsored content gets our maximum¬†package. We’ll try our best to give it as much exposure as possible. The sponsored post will be tweeted, fb shared and will be featured in our newsletter.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate¬†to contact¬†us at conatct(at)walyou.com