Bottoms Up! Awesome St.Patricks Day Shirts & Accessories

While the focus during St. Patrick’s Day is to get smashed by drinking as much as possible, it’s important to look the part: Green and somewhat Irish. With a T-Shirt, Hat or even a jumpsuit, we’re here to help you look your best for the best day of the year.

Awesome St.Patricks Day Shirts & Accessories

Kiss Me, Don’t Pinch Me Irish: A Cute St Patricks Day Shirt

Cute St Patricks Day Shirt

Pinches suck, kisses rule. This shirt rules also. Guys can wear them too, although the design is for the more womanly figure.. It’s available for $19.99

I Had A Beer T-Shirt

While this isn’t the most original or clever of puns and wordplay, it works just fine and more than that during a St. Patrick’s day drink fest. Available for $19.95.

Cute St. Patricks Day

Cute St. Patricks Day Shirt

The perfect shirt for a group of friends going on a pub crawl or some sort of fraternity event, and unlike the jumpsuit, this one actually looks good. $25

Straight Outta Dublin St.Patricks Day Shirt

It’s probably going to be a while before a group of folk singers who changed the world make a Straight Outta Dublin movie, so in the meantime, enjoy this kickass T-Shirt. Available for $24.95.

Eco St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

Eco St. Patrick's Day shirt

What’s eco about this tank top? Not sure, but I’m guessing the makers decided that the connection between the shamrock and nature is enough to make it ecological. Available for $19.95.

St Patrick’s Day Glitter Shirt

St Patrick's Day Glitter shirt

If you’re going to show some four-leaf clover love on St. Patrick’s day, it needs to be shiny and glittery. That’s the only way. Available for $22.95.

Funny St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt Cute Funny

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. Green, shamrock, St. Patrick’s day. This shirt says it all, without being clever or over funny. It just is what it’s suppose to be. Available for $22.

Funny St. Patrick’s Day Shirt For Men

funny st. patrick's day shirt

When you’re not sure what to do, Dr. Seuss is an excellent idea. And while it’s not too educational teaching kids about throwing up (despite them doing it quite a lot), going on a nice drinking binge on a day specifically made for it (or turned into it) is going to result in a lot of vomiting. So why not tell the world about it. Available for $20.

Leprechaun T-Shirt

Nothing screams St. Patrick’s day quite like a Leprechaun riding a Unicorn holding a mugo f beer in each hand. Available for $24.95.

More St.Patricks Day Apparel & Accessories

 St.Patricks Day Inspired Leggings


One of the more interesting ways to show

St. Patrick’s Day Hats

St. Patrick's Day HatAn indispensable part of the full Irish look on St. Patrick’s day, be it as Leprechaun or simply someone trying to look as green or Irish as possible, is the hat. Golden, green, shiny, sparkly – all those options exist: Upper leftUpper rightBottom left Bottom right.

St. Patrick’s Day Jumpsuits

St. Patrick’s Day jumpsuitOn any other day, walking around with a green jumpsuit might get you arrested for crimes of fashion. But on St. Patrick’s day? You just might get an award for best dressed couple or something. For him and for her. Both cost $47.95.

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