Count Your Lucky Charms! 16 Gadgets & Grub for St. Paddy’s Day

The old Irish saying goes like this: There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were. Even though it’s questionable if anybody really wants to be a citizen of this island country, there is one day we all will go Irish: St. Patrick’s Day. As Saint Paddy’s Day is around the corner, let’s join Walyou in celebrating the festival with 16 greenest gadgets, food and gifts!

Lucky Irish Shamrock Mousepad


The shamrock – the national symbol of Ireland – has long been the international symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. Inspired by vintage design, his beautiful shamrock mousepad is will bring luck to your loved ones.

Keep Calm St. Patrick’s Day iPhone Case


Via: Zazzle

Featuring the text “Keep calm and drink on!” this green iPhone is not only typical Irish humor which always has something to do with beer, but also a parody of the British world war poster specially adapted for the Irish national hobby.

St. Patrick’s Day Felt iPhone Case


Via: BBs for Babies

Decorated with a four leaf clover instead of a three leaf shamrock, the iPhone case is still full of St. Patrick’s Day spirit with the greenest color ever. This ultra cute design is the perfect gift your sisters or your girlfriends.

St. Patty’s Day Phone Holder


Via: Good Night Sweet Pea

The stylish St. Patty’s Day phone holder is equally beautiful with green four leaf clovers on the white background.

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Glitter Headband


All the girls have the right to be beautiful everyday, and it’s perfectly normal for a girl to give herself fine airs on St. Patrick’s Day. Grab one of these gorgeous glitter emerald green headbands for yourself or for your girly significant other as a St. Patrick’s gift. Look at the headband, not the girl!

St. Patrick’s Day Nike Dunk


Via: Ludakicks

Nike apparently knows how to have a festive sale season with its green St. Patrick Day Dunk design. This pair takes on a Victory Green base with white accents along with shamrock leaves throughout the shoes paneling.

St. Patrick’s Knitted Hat


Via: Baby Toy Gadget

Designed with white shamrock and white “St. Patrick’s” on the bright green background, the St. Patrick’s knitted hat will keep your head green and warm during the drinking night.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Silver Cufflinks


Via: Style Hive

This is one perfect gift for your Daddy on the day of St. Patrick: a pair of stylish cufflinks with traditional shamrock clover design in an oxidized background to highlight the detail.

St. Patrick’s Day Cat Collar


Via: This Next

St. Patrick’s Day is for everyone, even your cats. Your lovely cat deserves a brand new collar with beautiful shamrock design for the holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Felt Food Cookies


Cats are the luckiest on earth as there are so many gifts for them on St. Patrick’s Day. Each cookie is decorated with delicious felt icing or candies. Lightly stuffed with poly-fil, they will make great toys for your little cats.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Ice Luge


Via: Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets

An ice luge is a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through it used too cool a beverage, and this large clover ice cube mold is perfect to keep your beer cool during St. Patty’s Day parties and gatherings.

St. Patrick’s Day Real Green Beer


Via: Zedomax

Talking about beer, no St. Patrick’s Day or any other Irish holiday is completed without a lot of beer. Brooklyn Brewery claims to produce the ‘real’ Green Beer with its wind powered brewing facility.

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Cookie Cutter


Via: Roots and Wings

This super cute shamrock cookie cutter is the secret for all St. Patrick’s cookies. It is not only useful on St. Patrick’s Day, but can be used on any day when you want to impress your friends. The creator is awesome enough to post full instruction on her blog so that everyone can make one for themselves.

Assorted St. Patrick’s Day Cookies


Via: Cheryls

If you are too lazy or too clumsy to make your own cookies for the holiday, you can always get your ready made St. Patrick’s Day cookie assortment. The assortment includes the  frosted shamrock cut-out cookies along with chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes


Via: I Can Has Cheezburger

Everybody loves St. Patrick, everybody loves cupcake thus everybody loves St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes. These delicious cupcakes are decorated with the signature shamrock leaves, the Irish flag and other cute ornaments.

Shamrock Cupcake Pops


Via: My Little Cupcake Blog

Those yummy shamrock cupcake pops are too green and too cute to be had only on St. Patick’s Day. They are also quite easy to make, so they can be a fun thing for your kids to do for the holiday.