Star Wars Body Paint Costumes FTW!

Geek girls and Star Wars fan girls can now rejoice because sexy Star Wars costumes are now available via paint! Go as a smoldering Darth Vader or a Sexy Storm Trooper and definitely turn a few heads.

Whether you are hoping to make a big splash at Comic-Con, the next Star Wars convention in your area, a local Halloween party, or you simply want to strut down the hallways of a Corellian Corvette in search of elusive Rebel scum, these painted on Star Wars costumes will get you noticed.  Asteroids may not concern you but looking good most definitely should.

Body paint is the new spandex, especially when it comes to Star Wars costumes. Rudy, a talented artist from RCC Creations applies paint directly to the bodies of women to create geeky yet sexy Star Wars costumes. For sci-fi loving geek girls, nothing demonstrates the glory of the empire better than a painted on Darth Vader or Storm Trooper costume. It would be enough to seduce anyone to come over to the Dark Side of the force!

Witness the true nature of the force while wearing one of these fantastic costumes. If you like this, then you should definitely check out these hot R2-D2 Shoes and some great Star Wars yoga poses.