Re-Imagining Iron Man as a Pixar Film

For those of us who have been missing Robert Downey Jnr’s portrayal of Tony Stark and Iron Man, the wait is almost over. The Avengers film comes out in a month, and will probably center around the most successful of the characters (according to box office numbers) bunched together for the film.

But there’s more potential to the character besides the Marvel movies. Superhero movies in general could be taking a different direction in the years to come, as producers and studio execs will try and find ways to exploit the same ol’ stories in different ways in order to squeeze some more money from fan boys, girls and the general public.

How? Well, making animated Superhero films isn’t exactly a new idea, they’ve been around forever, but not like this. Victor Hugo¬†decided to take Iron Man in the direction that maybe all Superhero movies should – The Pixar directions. The giants of animated films have already had a Superhero film – The Incredibles, although that was actually an original idea.

Having animated superhero movies in high quality, like maybe something Pixar would do, would stop the need for rebooting a franchise, actors aging and the usual problems we get through contract negotiations or half-assed special effects. We always get high quality visual stuff in this genre, so why not combine a gold mine with a gold mine?

Whenever it’ll happen, if it’ll happen, this incredible imagining of Tony Stark checking out his Iron Man armor creation in Pixar style is just a tease for the geeky taste buds of hours. Hopefully, some day in the future, the Superhero industry will make that shift.