Star Wars Millenium Falcon Cake Topper

I think it’s time to admit the unfortunate truth; when it comes to baking, I’m no Martha Stewart. I’ve seen my share of Millennium Falcon cakes and it always seems to be such a lot of work and I feel that there’s no way I could ever make one.

Now, with this topper, creating my first Star Wars Millennium Falcon cake is closer than ever! I can pretty much bake a very simple cake, maybe top it with a gray or white cream and place this awesome topper and … voila! A Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake.

This yummy topper retails  for $80.00 and is about 9-10″ in diameter. A larger or smaller version is possible, just contact the seller for more details. For more awesome Falcon cakes check out The Millennium Falcon Cake Comes From A Galaxy Far Far Away… and the Millenium Falcon Wedding Cake.