Star Wars Battle of Hoth Chess Set

If you like chess, LEGO and “Star Wars” then this post is a perfect storm of geekiness.

A Flickr user named brickplace has created a chess set out of LEGO featuring both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, recreating the classic battle of Hoth from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Darth Vader is the king of the Empire, while Yoda is the king of the Rebels. The Empire’s rooks also happen to be AT-ATs. Boba Fett is one of the Empire’s knights, and the Rebels’ knights are Tauntauns. The pawns for the Empire are stormtroopers.

LEGO Star Wars chess set

Rebel side of Star Wars chess set

Lego Star Wars Chess Set Empire

This is really a neat project that combines three geeky interests: chess, “Star Wars” and Lego.

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Source: Obvious Winner