Star Wars 9 Star Wars Quizzes to Separate the Noobs From the Experts

9 Star Wars Quizzes to Separate the Noobs From the Experts

How can one prove to others their expertise in the Star Wars universe, or at least the films? Well, knowledge, which is best portrayed by answering quizzes, from easy ones to the quite difficult.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Star Wars quizzes out there. We went on Sporcle and picked nine that should represent a rising degree of difficulty for Star Wars fans, from the casual ones to those that understand the force by now, although some grammatical and vocabulary knowledge, unrelated to the films, won’t hurt.

Star Wars Episodes Names

If you can’t answer all seven of these questions, you might be in the wrong cantina.

The Characters of Star Wars

The quiz gives you the actor’s name. You need to remember the character.

Star Wars Characters by Number of Spoken Lines


Who gets to talk the most during the 7 Star Wars films? It’s not Chewbacca.

Name the Star Wars Character by Quote

Simple, but not easy. Who said what?

Star Wars or Spaceballs?

For those who has seen both films, it might get a little bit confusing.

Star Wars Crawl (A New Hope)

For the more advanced Star Wars fan: Someone who has seen episode IV at least 100 times.

Star Wars Characters by Criteria

For people who get confused when it comes to differentiating Star Wars characters, this quiz is a good way to hone your skills.

Star Wars Quotes: What came next?

If you remember the films by heart, you should know the lines that follow.

Star Wars Word Ladder

Difficult, yet satisfying, if you get most of them.

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