15 Awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens Behind the Scenes Photos

Now that Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens has shattered every box office record and there’s no more need for secrecy, behind the scenes photos are coming out to the delight of the movie’s and series fans, who can never have enough of the Star Wars universe.

Anything special? Not too much. A little bit of Stormtroopers standing around, Maz Kanata’s cantina, a lot of Millennium Falcon, a little bit of Finn, one nice resistance photo and a lot of the guys who make the film but aren’t really known standing around the set.

But it’s still cool. Unlike the current trend (which happens with a lot of geek-oriented films), which is bashing the film due to the “honeymoon” period being over, we still think it’s an awesome movie: Fun, really fun, and not filled with the BS from the prequel trilogy (who I still like, but is completely unnecessary to watch in order to understand a single thing about this film).

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