Steampunk Redesigns of Spider-Man and His Villains

There’s nothing really quite like steampunk, and it seems every superhero and every popular geek icon needs to undergo some sort of steampunk re-design, including Spider-Man and a substantial section of his stock of villains, done brilliantly by Denis Medri.

Spider-Man / Peter Parker

Doctor Octopus / Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius

Green Goblin / Norman Osborn

Kraven the Hunter / Sergei Kravinoff

Rhino / Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich

Vulture / Adrian Toomes

Scorpion / Mac Gargan

The scorpion has been other people as well, while Gargan himself has spent some time inside the Venom role, but has since returned with a new and improved scorpion suit.

Venom / Eddie Brock

We’ve had several Venoms, or people who have been connected to the symbiote – Peter Parker himself, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, Ann Weying, Patricia Robertson and Angelo Fortunato.

For more awesome art by Denis Medri, check out his deviantart page.

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