First Floating Movie Theater Now Available in Thailand

If you are prone to sea sickness, then a floating movie theater in Thailand may not be right for you. But if you love water and love movies, all is perfect – just don’t drop your popcorn!

All movie theaters look the same – you are in a big, dark room, filled with rows and rows of folding seats set up much like a stadium. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a film on the water? And no, I am not talking about renting a boat, parking it somewhere quiet and then popping a DVD into the on-board television. I am talking about going to see the latest movie on the water! On the private island of Yao Noi in Thailand’s Andaman Sea is the very first fully functional floating movie theater. It was created in collaboration with the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Foundation. And while it may only be temporary, it sure is interesting to think about!

This movie theater, known to many as Archipelago Cinema, is created using rafts and the screen is located in front of a number of limestone protrusions in the water. It was created to provide avid film enthusiasts with a very unique movie-watching experience along the private shoreline of the island.

During the film festival, the space was used not only for screening movies, but also film discussions and lectures.

One of the most interesting facts is that the rafts used were the same design that the local fisherman utilize to catch lobsters. As well, all the materials used are recyclable and reusable. After the festival is over, the materials will be donated back to the local community to use as they see fit.

Obviously, a floating movie theater is not for everyone. While I personally enjoy the idea of a floating movie theater, as mentioned in a previous article, I do have a fear of bodies of water that are not pools. What if it sinks? What if there is a huge wave? What if there are man-eating things in the water?!?! Yea, I will stick with saying the concept is cool, but I still prefer my movie theaters on land!

If you are a landlubber like myself but still want to enjoy a movie watching experience outside, check out this inflatable outdoor movie theater. And if you are looking to jazz up your indoor home theater experience, take any one of these geeky home theater ideas and make it your own!