Steampunk Star Wars Costumes? Yes Please!

Hold on to your blasters, Star Wars fans, because you’re about to take a ride to the Victorian Age!

Shortly after the debut of Youtube, the video-sharing site became choked with submissions from fans who had become addicted to smashing together unrelated pop-culture properties. These enterprising Frankensteins would plunder everything from old children’s cartoons to classic films in their quest to achieve maximum awesome.

Of course, one franchise ruled them all, the space fantasy juggernaut known as Star Wars. Whether it was parodies of hit TV Show “Cops,” which replaced police officers with Storm Troopers, or clips of Admiral Ackbar practicing his famous “It’s a trap!” line while watching classic films, nerds never seem to get tired of finding ways to marry George Lucas’ beloved Star Wars characters with other concepts. Especially if there are costumes involved as PhilipNG caught.

Of course, video is just one artistic medium that can be harnessed to create cool combos. Over time, a culture of craftspeople threw their collective hats in the ring, creating and modifying movie replica costumes, and in some cases, going a little further than what ILM intended.

Enter the Steampunk movement, which is essentially a sub-genre of science fiction involving advanced technology trapped in Victorian Era fashion sensibilities.  Fans of Steampunk are enamored with the weird and wonderful inventions that populate these imaginary worlds: steam-powered rivet guns, supercomputers that use gears instead of microchips, and mammoth zeppelins bristling with deadly weaponry.

It was only a matter of time until Star Wars and Steampunk collided.  These days, there are not only a ton of home-made costumes combining the two concepts, but some of these creations are really next-level.   When I saw these photos, my jaw dropped, and my mind released a bunch of chemicals that made me mutter “cooooool” for a longer amount of time than I’m comfortable sharing.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  Who knows, you might find yourself toiling away in the garage for hours on end, crafting the perfect Steampunk C-3PO.

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