Thank You Media Temple!

Media Temple has been Walyou’s hosting company for quiet some time now. With their excellent service and above-par support, we wanted to give them a big Thank You shout out.

media temple web hosting company logo

Walyou thanks Yaron, Jason, TJ and Daniel for helping make our site faster and scalable, so users can come and enjoy their time at walyou much more. We especially want to mention the gratitude we have for TJ and Daniel who have constantly helped, worked and made sure Walyou is being taken care of…even on their time off and ¬†holidays. If ever in need, they have been there to help us get back on our feet.

About Media Temple:

Whether you are a small or big site, Media Temple has options and features that are sure to answer your needs. They provide wonderful hosting possibilities that include a wide selection of solutions, affordable pricing and around the clock support.

Throughout the years, Walyou has experimented with various Web hosting companies with a variety of results. With our ongoing growth, a few companies weren’t up to the quick changes and required support, except Media Temple. They have continued to deliver as promised, and if any problems occurred on our side, they have consistently were up to the challenge to adapt to our increasing needs and desires.

While every website requires different needs and specs, Media Temple offers a great support staff that is available one phone call away no matter what the date or time is. This means that in the most difficult times where a site owner is experiencing a surge of traffic, a crashed site, or have other inquiries, their excellent and professional personnel are up to the challenge.

As in pricing and selection, MT also has an array of solutions. This grants a choice for site owners where they can begin small and increase their needs as their site requires. As in large sites, a few major Media Temple clients include Sony, ABC, Warner Bros, Time Inc, Starbucks, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.

Overall, Media Temple is a premier web hosting company that answers the needs of websites as in hosting, growth and infrastructure. For all their options, features and pricing, check out the official Media Temple page.

Other amazing services we have worked with which we are happy to thank as well are Geosurf, Wibbitz and Wibiya.