Super Cute Disney Princess/Superheroine Mashup

Superheroines and Disney Princesses (and general Disney Women) do have a lot in common, except for the super powers stuff, although the usually magical elements involved in a fairy tale make up for that.

In any case, both might be considered role models for girls, young women and grandmas across the globe, so mashing them up together, as done by A CAT IN THE RAIN on her Tumblr page is really an excellent way of getting the “girl power” message across to everyone.

Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman & Dwarf Lover Snow White

Wonder Woman & Snow White

Ariel, the Little Mermaid & Mera, Atlantis BadassAriel Mera


Abused Step-Sister Cinderella & Cold Hard Bitch Emma Frost

Emma Frost Cinderella

Exotic Princess Jasmine & Amazonian Princess Donna Troy

Jasmin & Donna Troy

Awesome Warrior Mulan & Awesome X-Woman & Mutant Psylocke

Mulan + Psylocke

Untouchable Southener X-Woman Rogue & Beauty Without the Beast Belle

Rogue Belle

Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose & Screaming Beauty Black Canary

Sleeping Beauty & Black Canary

For more Disney Mashups, check out the Star Wars version of them, which was bound to happen the moment Disney bought the franchise.