Cornflake House Combines Ultimate Tech with Tacky Design

A London-based firm went out of its way (financially speaking) to create the house of the future. A smart kitchen, iPads in the walls, magnetic wallpaper and a 4-meter wide telly are only some of the things that make this apartment to die for, at least for some.

In theory, having the latest technology would make many of us happy. However, tech is not everything, as the objects surrounding it should be adequately designed so that the entire environment is pleasant to live in.

The Cornflake house, named after the firm that designed it, is located in Tottenham Court Road, London, should you ever want to visit it. The first things people would notice are the flat frog screen running Microsoft Windows 8. Whatever is seen there can be projected on the wall. In addition, the colors in the room will change according to what is displayed on the screen.

According to the firm that built it, the Cornflake house also has a next-gen security system that monitors the entire property at all times. Given all the expensive things that are found in this house, such a security system is mandatory, as some might want to check it out after visiting hours.

Why would anyone want to use an iPhone dock when you can get a jukebox that has an iPhone at its core. Pictured above is the music system of the Cornflake house.

Above is a £10,000 ($15,000) hot drinks maker that is controlled via an iPad app. When the cups are detected to be empty, the hot drinks maker fills them up, Below, there is the De Dietrich piano hob that makes the kitchen so smart. What makes this hob so special is the ability to move the heat wherever the pots are placed. More precisely, the heat moves with them. On top of that, the smart tech turns the heat off when a pan boils over and runs dry.


So the big question is: would I want to live here? The answer is definitely not. I haven’t seen so much bad taste put together into a single house in a very long time. The colors are horrid and the tech does not really make up for them. Getting some of the most expensive things in the world and putting them together does not make this the best house to live in.

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