Superheroes With Sponsors

Product placement isn’t the most innovative of advertising techniques in the world, and it’s probably been going on longer than any of us would like to believe. The day of Superheroes actually wearing a sponsorship, like soccer players do, isn’t too far away.

Nike Batman

Nike Batman

Ironman McDonalds

Ironman McDonalds


The moment this becomes economically viable for Marvel, DC and some of the production companies that produce their films, be sure you’re going to start seeing Superman modelling certain luxury brands, while the circle in the chest of Ironman becomes a logo for McDonalds or any other company that glowing yellow works for.

Galactus & Silver Surfer – Apple vs Windows

Galactus & Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Monster Energy Drink & The Incredible Hulk


This one, and the following Flash Red Bull art work I actually like. Maybe it’s just because it fits the characters so well, but I’m pretty sure that as any good advertising technique, if it’s done subtly and right, people might not get too angry about it.

To be Fast Like Flash, Drink Red Bull


Captain America & Burger King

Captain America Burger King

Superman Modelling for Armani

Superman Armani

Wolverine & Adidas

Wolverine Adidas

Nike Dynamic Duo

Nike Batman & Robin

Credit for this work goes to Roberto Vergati Santos, who has the full gallery up on Behance. For more negative Superhero stuff, here are 10 that will never get laid.