The iOS8 Beta Is Incredibly Buggy And It Costs $99 Too

After buggy iterations of Apple’s new operating system have not impressed, the company release the most stable build of the iOS8 beta yet.

Apple WWDC

If you want your smartphone usage with a side of encouraging tips to help you lose weight and get your sweatpants on to, well, get your sweat on obviously, then you need look no further than iOS8. Apple announced the latest iteration of their operating system at WWDC 2014 earlier this year, revealing to developers the fitness-related tricks that they had up their sleeves. What will we be able to do once developers have have tested it and tinkered with it? In addition to an app called ‘Healthbook’, some features include iOS8 being able to hoover up details about our fitness (e.g from third party fitness apps or even the Nike FuelBand wearable) before sending them off to doctors to make sure we don’t need to go in for a shot, or any other jabby solutions for our arms. Those features won’t be available right now though and you’ll actually be paying to bug test the thing.

The reason? iOS8 is still in beta, with iOS8 beta 4 (the one that’s available now) reportedly being the most stable build so far after beta 3 received more complaints than you could shake an iDevice out but the list of known bugs as released by Apple themselves doesn’t paint a particularly pretty picture for the operating system that’s regarded as reinvigorating for Apple’s business after the iPhone itself has been less than revolutionary in recent instances. Furthermore, iOS8 could also power the rumoured iWatch that Apple are said to be working on so they’ll definitely want to iron out those kinks as son as possible.

As it stands though, only a few of the bugs seem completely dealbreaking, with some examples including “A restoration of an iCloud backup onto the same device the backup was taken from may not work properly. It may result in crashes of some apps” and changes to the people picker in the address book means that some aspects of it just straight up aren’t working (or are breaking when they do). If you want to go rooting around for any harsher bugs than that then you could always test it for yourself by signing up for an Apple developer account which is currently the only official way to gain access to the iOS8 beta. It’ll set you back by $99 to do so, so it’s probably just best if you wait for the free release later this year, yeah? Full bug list at the source link below.

Source: BGR

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