Daimler Announces an Updated Version of eVito Electric Van

eVito Electric Van

Daimler announced a brand new version of eVito, a commercial electric passenger van. The parent company of Mercedes-Benz asserts the van can travel up to 421 kilometers after a single full charge. This changes the game for long distance travel on electric vehicles. The previous version of the eVito electric van could travel a distance of 150 kilometers on a singe complete charge. 

Here are some of the most important technical specifications of the new eVito electric van

  • The van achieves this distance capacity thanks to a new 90kWh battery pack. The previous eVito packed in only a 41kWh battery. 
  • The van weighs a massive 3,500 kilograms and can be used for transporting both humans and cargo
  • While the standard charging option is 50kW, customers can choose to upgrade to a 110kW fast-charging feature
  • With the fast charging add-on, the van can zoom from 10% to 80% in less than 45 minutes. 
  • The 150kW motor which generates 204 horsepower can transport nine passengers easily

What other features does the upgraded eVito come with?

The new eVito is a very luxurious vehicle. It comes with air suspension making rides smooth and comfortable. The active break assist ensures that there are no rough stops and that passengers will not notice anything unpleasant during a rough ride. It also comes with an adaptive cruise control for safer and worry-free highway travel. The 7-inch touchscreen is compatible with Apple CarPlay, and is perfect to keep the passengers and the driver entertained. The icing on the cake is the Mercedes PRO service, thanks to which fleet owners can manage operations in real time and track battery levels. 

Is the eVito only for commercial users?

This van is mostly for a commercial audience, and businesses will find it useful for transporting both humans and cargo. However, Daimler may be very close to working on a vehicle that is dedicated to general customers. Other companies such as Ford, Rivian and Nissan are working on electric vehicles as well. This should encourage Daimler to act soon and launch its own EV for general customers very soon. In short, eVito may help reduce our dependency on fossil fuel, and assist us in adopting a clean and green solution.